Metal Braces

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Well hello there brace face !

The basic design of Metal braces have been around for around for 100 years. Thankfully the technology has improved significantly to be able to make these braces as small, strong, and most importantly as comfortable as possible. Individual brackets are glued to each tooth and a specialised wire connects the wire together. By exerting pressure constantly on the teeth, these braces are able to effectively and gradually shift the teeth to their desired positioning. Each set of braces is tailored to each patient’s own mouth structure for optimised comfort and result control.

[vc_video title=”Here is a YouTube video of the braces journey for one patient;” link=””]

Many celebrities have all had braces each of which has enhanced their smile. In this photo Tom Cruise is wearing Clear Ceramic Braces. This type of brace is made from porcelain or plastic and as the name suggests is clear.

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Check this link out for more celebrity braces transformations;