Your First Orthodontist Visit

When you first enter The Look Orthodontics, you will be greeted by one of our attentive and friendly staff, who will ask you to fill out our “New Patient Form” while you wait. Be assured that any information given is confidential and governed by our privacy policy. This information is uploaded to your file on our patient database. Once this is complete our orthodontist will ask you to come through to their office for a thorough examination of your teeth and jaws, and an in-depth discussion of your needs and smile desires.

By listening to these needs our experienced team can recommend a suitable treatment that is in line with your expectations and budget, and will fully inform you of all aspects of this recommended treatment. Once you have made a decision, another appointment will be made so our orthodontist can prepare the treatment and have it ready to go at your next visit.

Understanding your first visit.

Your first visit is one of the most important visits of your treatment. Apart from introductions and getting to know each other we spend plenty of time finding out what your concerns are. With this knowledge we are in the best position to give advice on the treatment that will achieve a result that you will be happy with. You may be simply concerned with the alignment of your teeth, there may be tooth wear, missing teeth, a protruding or deficient jaw or a range of other concerns. Let us know and we will assist you in resolving these problems.

After the initial discussion a thorough evaluation is completed. We examine the teeth, jaws, gums, smile and facial profile, take measurements and discuss how orthodontics may resolve any problems that are identified. Further investigation may be required in the form of x-rays of the teeth and jaws.

Any findings will be discussed with you in an easy to understand manner, you certainly won’t be overloaded with hard to understand technical mumbo-jumbo. Our aim is to identify if your problem is a condition that orthodontics can correct, what is the best time to undertake this treatment, what treatment procedures will be used to correct the problem and how long will the treatment take.

You will be given a cost estimate of any proposed treatment, information on payment plans and health funds.

We allocate plenty of time to answer all your questions.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Our friendly and professional team at The Look Orthodontics are happy to help you throughout your treatment.


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