Our ICE Clear Ceramic Braces are extremely popular with adults and teenagers alike. Checkout how clear they are in our recent video.

There is no more reason to hide behind closed-lip smiles because you are wearing braces. Our ICE Clear Ceramic Braces blend in with the color of your teeth and will resist staining or discolouration throughout your treatment. They are also very small and virtually unnoticeable, making them a perfect orthodontic solution for adults and children.

Can I have ceramic braces on my top and bottom rows of teeth?

We usually put ICE clear ceramic braces on the top six front smiling teeth. The rest are in metal. We find this is the best combination of looks and function. Although it is possible to place ICE Clear Ceramic Braces on the lower teeth, any rubbing of the upper teeth against them can cause damage and wear and tear to not only the brace but also the tooth.

Do Clear/Ceramic Braces cost more?

There is a small premium for ICE Clear Ceramic Braces.

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