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Metal Braces

Braces provide a HANDLE on the tooth which allows it to be moved. Without a handle, we cannot hold the tooth effectively to move it. As well as a handle, a thin, flexible wire is clicked into each brace. Your doctor will make a prescription, like a set of glasses which helps guide the tooth to the desired movement.

Stainless steel or metal braces are all grey. These braces are small, strong, and resistant to discoloration. They are the most common braces at our practice, as well as being the most cost effective.

If you are concerned about the “Look” of the braces, you may select a clear ceramic brace. These work in exactly the same way as the metal brace and serve to function as a handle on the tooth. They are extremely clear and equally small like the metal brace. The braces are also made to be stain-resistant.

Some cases may be suitable for Invisalign treatment. This is a series of clear thin mouthguard aligners which apply pressure to move the teeth.

Your choice is dependent on your lifestyle, and budget.


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