Early Orthodontic Options

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Early Orthodontic Options

Most orthodontic treatment is when all, or the majority of the permanent teeth are through.

This way, one course of orthodontics can treat ALL of the problems and give the best possible result. This method is efficient on time and resources.

Occasionally there can be orthodontic problems which may affect the growth and development of teeth and jaws. This may be;

  1. Teeth that stick out – making them a risk for trauma.
  2. Very deep overbite – which can cause wear and tear on the teeth.
  3. Crossed bite at the front of the mouth – which can restrict growth.
  4. Crossed bite at the back of the mouth – which can lead to lopsided jaw growth.
  5. Very crowded front teeth – which makes it more difficult to correct later.

In these cases, it may be necessary to complete an early phase of orthodontics treatment. This may range from; limited bracing on only the front teeth, an expander to make room and widen the jaws or a plate to correct a crossed bite.

  1. Intercept developing problems.
  2. Prevent these problems getting worse.
  3. Minimise and make future orthodontic correction easier.

We recommend the best age to make an orthodontic assessment is age 8 years old. This allows a thorough check through of the mouth as well as a chance to detect any early orthodontic problems that may be developing.