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The Look Orthodontics guide to new braces

Understanding braces is easy if you know what to expect…

Just got new braces? This is why we have compiled the most important things to know about your braces and how to take care of your smile throughout your treatment.

Getting braces is like getting a new pair of shoes. It takes some time to wear them in.

There may be some mild discomfort and tenderness for the first few days while your mouth adjusts to the braces. This is normal and does not usually last for more than a few days. The skin on the inside of the lips and cheeks will thicken up and everything will soon feel better.

If you are concerned, taken some Paracetamol before you get home so you feel fine for the remainder the day. Everybody is different in our experience with some patients with no problems at all, others may take a little longer to get used to it all. One thing is certain, any discomfort will settle down.

You will be provided with orthodontic wax. This is a sticky wax that can be pinched off into small pieces. Use the was wherever there is a problem. It may be a sharp edge, a pokey wire or even a loose brace. Regardless of the problem, use wax. 99% of problems can be solved by wax until your next appointment. If the wax is just not helping, let us know and we can see you.

99% of problems can be solved by wax until your next appointment.

The basic rule for food is : “If you can’t cut it with a knife and fork, then don’t eat it.

This means, no nuts, ice, pork crackle, Minties, Redskins, toffee, hard caramel, etc. Apples, carrots and other things that you would normally bite on your back teeth should be cut into pieces and chewed on the back teeth which have stronger braces on them. IF you are not sure, then ask yourself the question: Can this be easily cut with a knife and fork… if the answer is no then don’t eat it!

For the first few day’s the best foods are; Pasta, spaghetti, risotto, noodles, soup yogurt, etc. Soft things that let you get used to the braces. When you feel more comfortable, you can graduate to more challenging foods, but remember the knife and fork rule as above.

You should only drink water!

Anything with sugar and acid will cause devastation with your braces. Unsightly patches and permanent scarring will be left on the teeth if you are regularly drinking things like Coke, Fanta, Sprite Red Bull, Gatorade, Powerade, Slurpees, and fruit juices. Please drink water only!

If you can’t cut it with a knife and fork, don’t eat it.

Brush your teeth with a regular soft toothbrush. Use circles to clean around each brace from one side to another. Be sure to brush carefully and give particular attention to each tooth as food can become trapped underneath the braces. You don’t want the braces to become a “snack saver” or worse still you don’t want your lunch to be displayed to people within your braces – Gross!

Other adjuncts such as floss, interdental brushes, Waterpicks, and mouth rinses are also useful. Use whatever that allows you to do the job properly.

You will be seen within 6-8 weeks for your first adjustment and may book this appointment if you already have not done so. We will be checking your oral hygiene at every visit, and appreciate if you could come in a little early to brush your teeth. Facilities are available at each practice.

Once again the three rules to adjust to braces life:

  1. “Brush in the morning, before bed and after every meal.”


  2. “If you have a problem, use the wax.”

  3. “If you can’t cut it with a knife and fork, then don’t eat it.”

If you are concerned about anything regarding your braces, please feel free to contact us. Our door is always open.


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