Transfer patients

What happens if we move during care?

Firstly, we have an extensive network of orthodontists in the North and North West of Melbourne, so you can simply attend one of our other offices. If this is not possible, then we can arrange a change of orthodontist.

Changing Orthodontists during treatment requires additional planning. We will help you make the transition go as smoothly as possible. With the help of a national directory, we can give you a recommendation for an Orthodontist in the town or city to which you are removing. We will often know the person we recommend personally, but not always.

Will a move prolong orthodontics treatments time?

The estimated treatment time will generally take longer when a transfer is made during active treatment. Treatment takes longer because the new Orthodontist always takes a few months to become familiar with the new patients response to treatment.

What effect will a move have on my fee contract?

Overall treatment costs will generally be increased when there is a transfer of care because of the expense of progress diagnosis and treatment planning and the added length of treatment time. Our office will calculate the amount of the original fee agreement that we have earned and will contact you regarding any balance owed to us or to you.

Your records can be given to you or mailed directly to your new orthodontist.

What should I do after arriving at our new residence?

When you have completed your move, make contact with the new orthodontist as soon as possible to avoid any additional delay in treatment. Should there by any problems do not hesitate to contact our office.

Can I transfer to your practice ?

Yes ! If you are relocating from interstate of overseas, and would like us to continue your care, simply contact our rooms and we can arrange the rest.


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