Early Intervention Orthodontics

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Early assessment and diagnosis helps our professional orthodontists correct issues before they become problematic.

Early intervention orthodontics can play a vital role to your child’s jaw development, and by discovering issues early we are able to proactively prevent these issues from becoming more severe later in life. At The Look Orthodontics in Melbourne we are dedicated to ensuring your child is able to achieve a beautiful, healthy smile earlier to avoid more invasive and complicated dental work further down the track.

Early intervention orthodontics is important to:

  • Enable the best development of your child’s jaw.
  • Assist the correct eruption and alignment of the teeth to prevent damage.
  • Help maintain self esteem.
  • Help them maintain optimal oral health.

Our qualified and experienced orthodontists can effectively assess, diagnose and recommend early intervention for your child if they suffer from significant jaw misalignment or other orthodontic issues.

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