Wisdom Teeth Treatment

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Wisdom Teeth are just not that wise

Wisdom teeth or third molars are the last teeth which grow into the mouth at ages approximately 18 – 21 years. Our modern day lifestyles and comparatively soft diets mean that we usually do not require these extra molars. Consequently, wisdom teeth often jam up in the side of the mouth. Left untreated, these wisdom teeth can become infected and cause problems to the neighbouring teeth and gums.

As part of our treatment, we plan for the wisdom teeth. For example, if small premolar teeth are required to be extracted as part of your orthodontic treatment, it may create enough room for the wisdom teeth to successfully grow through. However many of our patients have wisdom teeth removed after their orthodontics to prevent problems arising in the future. We work with some of the best surgeons within our practices in Melbourne and can promptly refer you for seamless care of your wisdom teeth.

If you require your wisdom teeth extracted. This is usually done after the orthodontics (braces). Left untreated, the wisdom teeth grow long curly roots in them and like a mature tree in the ground, become more challenging to remove with time. This is why wisdom teeth are best removed in your mid to late teens when these teeth are immature and accessible.

Recovery is swift with minimal hassle.


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