Jaw Problems Treatment

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Jaw Problems

Sometimes, our jaws do not grow to their required dimensions. 

Other times, they can grow too much. This may be as a result of genetics, or environmental factors. Depending on the severity of the issues, individuals with such problems can be left not happy with the appearance of their jaws, teeth and face.

Treatment may involve orthodontics, and orthognathics (Surgery) to move not only the teeth, but also the jaws. We work closely with a team of experienced surgeons to ensure the best outcome for our patient’s.

Surgery normally happens halfway through the treatment at which time any wisdom teeth are also removed at the same time. Our team will advise the best insurance requirements as needed to make this treatment as efficient as possible. Orthognathic surgery does not normally add additional time onto your treatment. Orthognathic surgery is increasingly common as patients explore ideal options to make their teeth and jaws look and function to the best level. Youtube, Tik Tok and other online sources are filled with patients experiences.

Left untreated, or if treated improperly, there can be negative effects on the teeth, airways and facial profile of the person.


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