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We are a friendly team providing
Specialist Orthodontics.

Our Mission Statement

To provide high quality, long-term orthodontic solutions for The Look Orthodontics patients in a friendly, cost-effective and convenient manner.

Our experienced orthodontists are a team of committed professionals who will guide you through your journey to achieve your ideal smile.

Our primary focus is helping our patients achieve beautifully straight smiles and providing high-quality treatment that suits their budgets and lifestyles.

The Look Orthodontics was established in 1983 and has been providing orthodontic care in Melbourne since then. Patients treated in the 1980s are now returning to have their children treated. Our long-term commitment to these areas will see us treating grandchildren of our early patients in the years to come.

Your Othodontic Visits

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Our core values

Impeccable Service

Clear Communication & Explanations

Exemplary Clinical Work

Long Term Satisfaction

Here at The Look Orthodontics

We aim to provide the best possible orthodontic treatment to our patients in a friendly, happy environment.

With a strong focus on helping our patients achieve functional, aesthetically pleasing smiles we offer a wide range of treatment options suitable for all ages. At The Look Orthodontics, we are here for you every step of the way.

We strive to deliver honest, and sound work based on the latest clinical research, and our extensive experience. We plan your orthodontic result for the long term.

All of our orthodontists at The Look are regular participants at conferences and further education programs to ensure that they are abreast of the most up to date advances in orthodontic treatment.


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