Brushing With Braces

brushing with braces

Brush the outer surfaces of your teeth and braces with a circular motion. Tilt your toothbrush 45 degrees to clean the top and bottom of the braces. Use a proxy brush for cleaning in between your brackets.

Getting Separators

orthodontic separators

Separators or spacers are tiny elastic rings that are placed in between two teeth. The purpose of separators is to create space for placing bands. Bands are metal rings to which brackets or other orthodontic attachments can be connected to.

Braces Problems

What to do with braces problems: pain, sore teeth, loose braces, broken bands, protruding wires, or other problems with your braces and how to handle them, what to do.

Metal Braces

Adolescence is the prime time for straightening your child’s smile. Some orthodontic problems should be corrected whilst the baby teeth are still present, however, not all treatment should be started early. Normally, conventional bracing treatment starts in teenage years after most of the baby teeth have fallen out.

Orthodontic Dictionary

Orthodontic technical talk can be confusing. Don’t worry your orthodontist will clearly explain your treatment to you. Here are explanations of some terms.